Our goal to this group is for them to develop social and friendship skills with others; through:

Singing Godly songs
Participating in Interactive activities
Completing Simple hands on tasks.
Lessons on Bulling awareness

Our goal is to inspire the students to learn to hear/listen and obey God; through:

Individual and group Bible studies
Un compromised respect and obedience to parents and guardians.
Musical and instruments lessons
Lessons on Identifying and dealing with bullying
Holly days and special days performance/ skits programs
Other creative activities

 K-6th GRADES: (Elementary School)

Our goal is to introduce and develop relationship with Jesus Christ as a personal savior and Lord; through

Learning the LOVE of God
Lessons on friendship and Godly caring habits
Praise & Worship
Memorization of scriptures
Participating in Biblical stories activities
Drama and skits performances
Problem solving activities
Lessons on Identifying and dealing with bullying

HIGH SCHOOL – 9th – 12th Grades

Our goal is to help students develop total dependence on God. Students learn to believe that God has answers to ALL problems. The students are encouraged to:

Be taught the Bible and share the Bible with the community
To prioritize prayers and be prayerful
To be good and faithful steward of God’s blessings; especially our bodies being the temple of God
To be influential to their peers for they are the salt and light of the world
To utilize their gifts and talents in music and playing music instruments
To participate in organized church and community events
Lessons on identifying and dealing with bullying
Holly days and special days performances/skits
Other creative activities

Education Dept.

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